Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blogging Tools

Google's 'Blogger' is cheap and cheerful and a reasonable way to get started... But it doesn't work well for me in a number of ways.
  • 'Safari' on Mac isn't well supported
  • The edit window is very small
  • I can't compose off-line and upload previous work simply
  • My articles aren't stored on my computer making it easy for me to re-use and organise them.
  • The dinky little input/edit window isn't resizable
  • Checking final layout is painful - flipping in and out of 'preview' mode
  • Using Blogger and it's AJAX interface kicks up Safari's memory use - and kills my machine

So I went searching for some tools. Their are Mac clients that look good - but it's pay, pay, pay all the way on Mac :-)

Downloaded 'BloGTK' - it might work in the X-11 environment, but that uses too much memory. I 'only' have 512Mb - which once upon a time would've seemed unlimited.

So I found 'flock'. It's a modified Firefox browser which understands blogging and actually has resizable windows and stores new material on my disk... But it doesn't allow me to import what I've already written. And the publish interface is incredibly annoying if you editing/updating.

And there's a Firefox addon 'Firescribe' (formerly Performancing). It does some stuff reasonably well. Not sure about saving posts locally.

Still searching for tools I can work with ;-)

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