Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Finally - a working expandable summary, but not happy

Not happy with blogspot "help" :-(

In a previous post I wrote of my frustrating experience wasting many hours of my time following (precisely) the instructions on blogspot "help"....

Last night I wasted another 4-5 hours and got something working.

It's really simple - blogspot just can't do it. And there's a post on the Blogger forums that says this...
The help instructions are confusing - they run together instructions for two different types of templates (old and 'layout'), without letting you know how to tell which you've got, nor that you have to 'expand widgets' and with an error in the so called working code... And when you finally get to the end of their example so it parses - it can't be made to work. There is a bug that's been reported to them and they're not fixing...

The really annonying part of the help page - that you cannot send them a message! I'd like to wring their necks... They ask "was this helpful" ? Doesn't matter how ofter you hit 'No', you've got no way to tell 'em what's going on.

Finally found a Blogger forum post that pointed to 'hackoshpere' - in amongst a whole slew of people having exactly the same problems as myself over 6-9 months.

What I don't like about the solution:
It relies on a javascript file pulled of someone elses site. It's a big security hole...

And Google with all their resources, could easily fix this.
I wonder what their business objectives are with 'blogspot'??

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That's so you know where they go :-)


Hackosphere notes:


Neil Gunther said...

I'm seeing a rant, but I still don't know what the problem is that you're ranting about. :-)

Neil Gunther said...

This link http://hackosphere.blogspot.com/2006/09/expandable-posts-with-peekaboo-view.html, failed to open. What gives?

SteveJ said...

I've added a note in the blog entry.
I purposely didn't put links in, so people can see what they get...