Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Adding summary/full article to a blogspot

Saw this on a blogspot blog and thought I should do it as well :-)

Looked up Blogger Help - and there seemed to be two mechanisims.
Then there is the 'Classic' vs. 'widget' (? - anyway the _new_ format).

Banged on the format, couldn't find the 'style' tags they talk about.
Couldn't see where to modify the 'post template' they refer to.
Couldn't see where to add the 'span type=fulldisplay' tags either.

Didn't break the CSS :-)

Now, where do I go??

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Neil Gunther said...

In the tradition of real lab notebooks, you also need to write a concise statement of the problem you are trying to solve. I didn't see it either here on the cited link.