Thursday, January 27, 2011

What is an electronic document and why that Matters.

#comment-2157 back-to-the-future-another-chance-to-influence-coe-development

#comment-2158 back-to-the-future-another-chance-to-influence-coe-development

First one says:
 There isn't yet a clear Industry Standard, so do Nothing for a while

Second says:
 The basis of your problem is you're conflating many problems with
conflicting requirements under the banner of "document exchange".
 And there's *never* a good reason to give non-authors an editable copy.

With a little postscript: FOSS definitively solved the "multiple
concurrent update versioning problem" - 20 years ago?
I didn't say, the 'secret sauce' is Use Simple Text Files!

That's at the heart of all these problems: binary formats.
Should've been banned 30 years ago... But weren't and now we're paying
for it.

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