Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Challenge

From: NeilG
Subject: The Data Dungeon - Notes from the Lab

As a side-effect of our conversation last night, I mentioned you should start blogging this idea ("throw away the key data center") as a way of promoting it. This is my reminder.

I'm pretty sure you said it wasn't a patent item, but you weren't sure how to convince people it was a good idea. Blog it! :)

In that same vein, I was trying to think how to differentiate your blog. Most blogs are just text, and very unappealing visually (to me). I think a paradigm that would work well for you is, a "lab notes" format. We were talking about keeping a notebook as part of the chem and eng and comp sci disciplines. Take that same format (you already have the base text) and blog it with visuals.
E.g., This link

Personally, I think it's cool if you can look inside someone's mind as ideas are being wrought and I think a lot of geeks would agree. That's also the antithesis of the western philosophical tradition, and a good match for your style.

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